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Wedding Trends 2024

Updated: Feb 5

Let's explore the upcoming wedding trends for 2024. Share your thoughts below and let us know which trends you plan to incorporate into your wedding!

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1 – On-the-Day Content Creation:

This brand new service is on the rise at weddings! This social media creator is booked to show up on the wedding day and create bucket loads of content to mix into TikTok and reels, shooting casual BTS footage so you and your wedding party can be present!

2 Storytelling

Expect to see a rise in immersive and cinematic experiences. Couples are leaning towards capturing candid moments in a more storytelling manner. Drone photography and videography are also gaining popularity for unique aerial perspectives. Additionally, there's a trend towards embracing natural and organic settings, with couples opting for outdoor shoots and utilizing natural light to enhance the visual appeal. Another notable trend is the incorporation of advanced technology, like 360-degree video and virtual reality, to offer a more interactive and memorable viewing experience.

3 HYBRID Photo & Video Coverage

The trend of booking a combined photo and video package for weddings is gaining momentum. Many couples are opting for this convenient and streamlined approach to capture their special day. By choosing a single contractor for both photography and videography, couples often find a cohesive and consistent style throughout their visual narrative. This not only simplifies the planning process but also fosters better collaboration between the photo and video teams, ensuring they work seamlessly together to capture all the important moments. It's a practical choice that enhances coordination and can lead to a more harmonious overall visual representation of the wedding day.

4 Sustainable Weddings

With a growing focus on environmental consciousness, expect to see more couples incorporating eco-friendly practices into their weddings, from sustainable decor to locally sourced catering.

5 Bold & Unique Colours

Couples might experiment with bold and unconventional color palettes for their weddings, moving away from traditional pastels to make a vibrant and memorable statement.

6 Drone Photography

Aerial shots captured by drones add a spectacular and cinematic dimension to wedding photography. It's a great way to capture the grandeur of the venue and the scale of the celebration.

Whistler Wedding Trends

"Get ready to elevate your wedding game in the breathtaking backdrop of Whistler, BC! Here are some scorching hot tips on the latest trends in the wedding industry that are making waves in this mountainous paradise:

  1. Alpine Elegance: Embrace the natural beauty of Whistler by incorporating alpine elements into your wedding decor. Think pinecones, evergreen foliage, and rustic wooden accents to create a cozy and elegant mountain vibe.

  2. Adventure Elopements: Whistler's stunning landscapes are perfect for couples seeking a more adventurous and intimate celebration. Consider exchanging vows at a mountain summit or beside a crystal-clear alpine lake for a wedding day that's as epic as the surroundings.

  3. Local Flavors: Whistler is not just a feast for the eyes; it's a treat for the taste buds too! Opt for a menu that highlights local and seasonal ingredients, giving your guests a taste of the fresh and delicious offerings from the Pacific Northwest.

  4. Cosy Cabins and Luxury Lodges: Take advantage of Whistler's charming accommodation options. From cozy cabins to luxurious lodges, these venues offer not only stunning views but also a warm and intimate atmosphere for your celebration.

  5. Sustainable Celebrations: In line with Whistler's commitment to sustainability, consider eco-friendly wedding practices. From recycled paper invitations to locally sourced flowers, make your wedding an event that leaves a positive mark on the environment.

  6. Winter Wonderland Weddings: If you're planning a winter wedding, embrace the snow-covered magic of Whistler. Think fur wraps, twinkling lights, and perhaps even a horse-drawn sleigh for a fairytale-like experience.

These hot tips are sure to set your Whistler wedding apart, creating memories as unforgettable as the stunning scenery that surrounds you. Get ready to say 'I do' in style against the backdrop of this mountainous haven!"

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