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We're eager to learn more about your love story, but in the meantime, let us share some additional information about our team.

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We found our calling... 

We can't talk about story without mentioning our love for the mountains. 

Husband and wife, we are both originally from Quebec, but suitably only when we each found ourselves in the Coast Mountains of British Columbia did we meet, drawn to each other and the awe-inspiring mountains. With our aspiration to make our mark in our new location combining our passions, we set ourselves apart with our professional filmmaking video skills, high-quality standard and our longing for emotional connections. We wish to tell and share your story. Photography offers a still capture of time. In addition, we want to add motion, spoken words, and all the feels of being present. Enter our intention to meet couples and dedicated people alike to offer wedding photography & video packages in our region and other destinations. 

We are wedding videographers & photographers, based in Whistler and Pemberton, British Columbia. Our love for connections brings us to offer heartily infused time capsules of the day you hold dear. Deeply rooted in our community and our love for the mountains we have created strong company values that refelct our own personal ones.



We highly recommend Valerie and David for your special day. They really listened to what we had imagined and we were so happy with the end result. the video captured everything that we stand for and the photography was just stunning! Joris J. 


Hey there, I'm the brains and heart behind Calling Mountains Productions.


A decade deep into the wedding capture game, I've made the Sea to Sky corridor my creative stomping ground.

Why weddings, you ask? Well, it's my kind of art. Picture this: photography, videography, and storytelling all rolled into one epic celebration of love. It's not just a job; it's a symphony of visual and emotional expression.

The real kicker? The high I get when I send over those wedding albums. Connecting with clients about their big day, reliving those moments—it's the icing on the cake for me.

I thrive on crafting unique stories. Give me a couple with a vision, fueled by passion, and we're about to create something extraordinary. Let's dive into your story, make some magic, and capture the essence of your day in a way that's as unique as your love.

Beyond the lens and wedding hustle, our core revolves around two key pillars: family and nature. When the camera is on standby, you'll catch us in the great outdoors, navigating mountain trails with our spirited little explorer, Maddie Rose. In our world, she's not just the center; she's the driving force, infusing every day with boundless inspiration.

I'm excited to link up with you all and dive into the unique essence of your love story. Can't wait to hear more about what makes your connection special and craft something truly extraordinary together.

Let's dive into the world of David, a soul that's truly rare and beautiful. Dave is the perfect blend of a lover and an adventurer—now, that's a killer combo!


His vibe is all about having a good time and not taking life too seriously, yet he's the most hardworking person you'll come across. When it's time to get professional, he flips that switch effortlessly and knows the ins and outs of his camera gear like a pro.

Call him a gear nerd, and you won't be wrong. David keeps us on top of our game with the latest trends, making sure we're always rocking the coolest equipment. But that's not all—David is also a certified drone pilot by Transport Canada, taking our aerial game to new heights. And when it comes to that smooth, cinematic footage, he's the gimbal master.

During his downtime, you'll catch him tackling ultra marathons, scaling rocks, shredding down slopes on a snowboard, and soaking up moments with his tribe. He's our anchor, and once you meet him, you'll be thrilled to gain a new friend. David is one of those individuals who, after a single encounter, becomes someone you want to keep in your life forever.


Our team wouldn't be complete without giving a major shoutout to our incredible friend and colleague, Zoe Lomoro.


This dynamo has bailed us out countless times and is an absolute joy to collaborate with. On your wedding day, she brings an infectious energy that adds that extra spark. Zoe's got a distinct and sharp style that everyone adores, and she's been the photographic genius behind many of our weddings.

Chances are, you might spot her at yours, so here's your chance to get acquainted. Zoe runs her own freelance design company in Whistler and has been a creative force for years. Her passion for her craft makes her one of the most talented individuals we know. We consider ourselves incredibly fortunate not only to work alongside her but, more importantly, to have her as a friend.

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