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Branding & Video Services


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Video Productions & Content Creation

Our team has the ability to work on all core aspects of your online presence. We have web designers, graphic designers, photographers, cinematographers and business strategists. Creating a distinct  branding strategy you are proud of sharing with your customers  will help you save time and effort. We want to share more with you, Reach out for a consultation today. Each service is also offered separately. We can work with your branding’s team to match their style and identity.

Your brand should be visible in all aspects:

  • Website (desktop and mobile)

  • Video

  • Social ( logo, photo, social media posts)

  • Print ( business cards, letterhead )

  • In house (signage, atmosphere, office space)


We help with building up and identifying your brand

We will create content that helps your customer understand your clear message. By creating visuals that give your brand an edge and will make you stand out. Consistency is key, and your brand should be visible in all aspects. In today’s world your brand’s online identity and presence are directly connected to your company’s ROI (Return of Investment). 


Valerie St-Arnaud

Owner, founder


David Leveille 

Filmmaker, director 

Hi I'm Val! Founder and owner of Calling Mountains Productions. Originally from Quebec -a place of passion and creativity- where I earned my degree in Communication and Marketing from the University of Ottawa specializing in media studies and in 2012 won the Ottawa international film festival where my love for film began. I always felt like something was calling me away from the city lights though and when I arrived in Whistler, BC in 2013 I realized it had been the mountains all along. I am deeply inspired and energized by the landscape here and people I meet, and through film I strive to capture and bring 'all the feels' right to your screen. I am passionate about my art form but even more about my clients. You will find me capturing memories and chasing light in and around the Sea to Sky corridor. They brought me here, so I will see you in the mountains... They are calling!

David is Calling Mountains Productions certified advanced drone pilot and main videographer. David is hard working and his skills have surpassed industry standard. He operates the video cameras, on location or in the studio, in the production of professional pre-recorded programming. Designs, transports, sets up, and operates production equipment, including audio and lighting equipment, for field and studio productions.  

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Benefits of Brand Storytelling 

Together, we develop campaigns or content strategies that let your audiences engage with stories that matter. Our editorial approach to storytelling is what makes us different; no models, no fiction: only real stories. Customers purchase products & experience from brands that represent their values. Elevate your brand identity and relevance by building trust. Attract investors that have respect for brand-focused companies. By creating a well rounded brand strategy will also help with your internal company's atmosphere: a shared purpose has every department working in the same direction. With our help you can create beautiful visual peices that will make your sales tactics effortless, by the click of a play button your story will be shared over and over. When done right this can save you time, energy, and money. 


Tel: 604.905.8020

Pemberton, BC. 

V0N 2L1 Canada 


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