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Nicolette & Jarek

Pemberton, British Columbia

When we arrived at the first look that day we hadn’t met Nicolette and Jarek in person yet. They immediately greeted us by saying we’re really shy and awkward in front of the camera. A lot of people see our films or wedding photos and imagine oh it will be easy, they will guide us through it all and although this thought is mostly true it’s also important to be in the moment with your partner. You shouldn’t wonder « am I giving them what they want? ». Your wedding day goes by SO fast just enjoy the moment, it’s about the two of you, just trust that we will do our job to capture your already perfect and unique love you share. ** Especially your first look, often times when your man sees you, you have a moment and a few seconds after you turn to us and say « now what », we usually ask that you just pretend were not there, just be together for 5 minutes, don’t think about us… This will provide us with RAW moments and great audio! ;) Do you Nicolette and Jarek look awkward in their film, we don’t! Check it out.

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