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Breathtaking backdrop of Nita Lake Lodge in Whistler, BC

Updated: Feb 5

Embark on a journey into the heartwarming celebration of Sumner and Connor's union against the breathtaking backdrop of Nita Lake Lodge in Whistler, BC. Set against the canvas of a crisp fall day, their love story unfolds like a tender melody echoing through the mountains.

Sumner & Connor's Wedding Teaser Album in video scroll format.

As the golden hues of autumn painted the landscape, family and friends converged in the tranquil embrace of the mountains to witness a love that bloomed as beautifully as the surrounding nature. Nita Lake Lodge, with its rustic charm and scenic vistas, served as the perfect stage for this chapter of their love story.

The essence of the day was captured not only in the lens of the camera but etched into the narrative that seamlessly intertwined their love journey. The video and photo album became a harmonious symphony, each frame and clip telling a chapter of their story. It wasn't just a wedding; it was a masterpiece, a coherent and captivating tale that will stand the test of time. In the heart of the mountains, Sumner and Connor's wedding became a testament to the power of love, family, and the beauty of a shared narrative. The joyous laughter, the heartfelt vows, and the mountain air filled with love created a tapestry of memories that will remain vivid and cherished for years to come—a true celebration of love, family, and the magic of Whistler's mountains.

Sumner & Connor's Highlight Wedding Film at Nita Lake Lodge

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