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My own wedding experience

By owner, Valerie St-Arnaud.

This week I asked my accountant if I could claim my own wedding 🤔 ?

Here’s the thing, don’t get me wrong, it truly is the best day of your life but here’s a few nuggets of information for everyone planing their own wedding. First off, it really does go by in a flash, so one thing I did the morning of my wedding is ask my girls to remind me to take it all in every hour. I would stop everything and just take a minute to appreciate everything, everyone... I asked a friend Julia to teach us a yoga class outside on the venue grounds bright and early it was truly the best way to start a wedding day!

Keep it simple, there’s so many options out there, vendors, venues, dresses, but at the end of the day what truly matters is the two of you. GET A WEDDING PLANNER, seriously, Liz from Brilliant Events and her team saved me on the big day... The goal as a bride is to not have to think about any logistics day of, sit back, get dolled up and marry your best friend, that’s it.

EAT... I’m not going to elaborate on this, but things got twisted a little too quickly, I could blame it on our “French” side but just eat, you’ll thank me later.

Let things slide, the night before the wedding a friend who had kindly made our wedding arch was driving over the bridge to the ceremony site and broke the bridge. I was cooking with my mom and Dave stormed in to tell me I shouldn’t go outside, I had no idea about what happened yet, everyone was freaking out and making sure I stayed inside. But of course I went out anyways, when I saw the truck on the bridge my first reaction was to laugh it out, what was out of my control wasn’t important to me, at the end of the day I could marry this guy in a grocery store! After 5 hours of about 10 guys trying to get it unstuck with a tractor they finally got it off the bridge. At the end of the day it’s a good story to tell, it even made it in my Maid of honour speech.

“Your love will cross any bridge, even is there’s a F-150 on it” Kayla Beatty.

GET A WEDDING VIDEOGRAPHER, haha you knew this was coming... Yes, splurge! I’m not saying go spend $5000-10,000 on one, find a reasonably priced wedding videographer in your wedding venue area. Locals know all the best spots and work cohesively with other local vendors. Why is it so important? Because it’s the only way to capture all the feels! It’s the best most vivid way to capture all the emotions.

My AMAZING vendor list can be found here:

Officiant - Whistler Wedding Pastor

Don't think twice about Jeremy's services, he's honestly the best at what he does, his experience, his kindness, his friendly vibe makes him the perfect fit for anyone wanting a great start to their marriage! Our family and friends are still raving about how amazing our ceremony was, Jeremy adds a personal element to every ceremony, you can feel him so present and dedicated in that moment. We are so grateful Jeremy could share this special day with us!

Hair & Makeup - Colleen Conroy Makeup

This girl will make you look like the bride you've always dreamed you could be! We're so lucky to have such talented makeup artists in the Sea to Sky corridor. Choose local!!!

Venue - Blue House Organics

Hands down the best most organic venue in Pemberton! Breath taking views, privacy, greenery everywhere. I am recommending this venue for Destination weddings, the Blue House is available to rent, so you'll have time to enjoy the property and prepare at your own time before the big day.

Wedding Planners - Brilliant Events

This team is the bomb! They have been in the industry for about 20 years. Leading up to the wedding was stressful, we had only chosen day of coordination and my fear was that I was going to have to answer to everyone on the big day. My wedding day was effortless for me, everyone was thought of, not one person asked me a question and everything went smoothly, I know these girls had something to do with it ;)

Photographer - Pascale Gadbois Photography


I know what you’re going through, you must be out there researching all the different photographers and vendors wondering which one is the best... Well, look no further, this girl rocks! And not only at taking wonderful photos, she’s an entertainer, she’s productive, she’s friendly, she’s organized and will leave you speechless when you receive your album. Most of our family couldn’t be here because our wedding was so far but most of them have said that the moments were so well captured that they felt they were actually there celebrating with us! Mads props to Pascale for killing it on our wedding day and capturing all the emotion, the feels, the tears, the smiles, the shenanigans!

Videographer - Joey Gaskell

Such a good vibe! I was nervous about being in front of the camera but both Joey and Pascale made me feel the most comfortable. Joey captured all the feels! A souvenir I will cherish forever!

Catering - Town Square

People are still raving about the food, working in the industry I get to taste lots of catering's food but hands down the best food I've ever had at a wedding, and it was my own! So grateful for this team who did a fantastic job not only providing delicious food but timely service leaving everyone drooling for more!

Flowers - Nine Bark Pemberton

Saving the best for last! This girl is amazing, her flowers were breath taking, everywhere I went on the venue sight I was blown away even more. The attention to detail, the grasp of my vision was truly shown through her work. Again, we are so lucky to have such talent in the Sea to Sky Corridor.


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