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"Should I get a Wedding Videographer? "

Updated: Dec 10, 2018

To all the beautiful brides to be out there planning their wedding, I wanted to write this blog post about how to convince your man and maybe yourself videography has to be considered for your wedding. Why should you invest in your memories and why is video just as important as photos of your wedding?

All the feels

First off we would like you to consider the advancement in technology and how videographers now use the creative process to create an actual movie full of emotion of your special day. It's no longer the full shaky boring long videos captured by your uncle, it's now professionals like myself using their medium to create beautiful edits you'll never get sick of watching. The passion and love captured by our videographers on the day of your wedding will never be able to be genuinely recreated. This is a moment in time that you will cherish forever even when things get tough, how nice would it be to go back and watch this piece of art that your love created and reignite all that emotion! It might be me, I might be too emotional but I think it's worth the splurge.

Photos vs videos

Photos are great and a must, they capture the look and beauty of your wedding day but does it really capture all the emotion and love? Personally I think there's something missing and this is why I've been so focused and dedicated in providing my customers with the best video services. I strongly believe that videos have the power to ignite passion, and emotion.

How much should you expect investing?

Our goal is to provide you with a great service but at an affordable cost. Video production isn't as black and white as photography rates. There are so many add ons that needs to be considered when booking your videographer. But here is on average what you will need to save to be able to splurge on videography.

Elopement packages vary between $1000 -1500

Full Day packages vary between $2500 - 4000

But here's why?

Consider all the hidden fees: company fees, insurance, taxes, up to date softwares, equipment, processing fees, permits to fly our drones legally, maintenance, travelling, etc. Also, all the years of study and training has to be accounted for, so that our videographers can provide great final product but a great service as well. We spend hours on our own marketing and hours acquiring experience to provide the best image quality.

The day goes by so fast

If you met me you wouldn't see me as this mushy type girl that loves romance but to me it's just natural, weddings = cheesy. I've been a victim of wiping a few tears off my face (never when I'm working...). There's something really beautiful about 2 people celebrating their love for each other. But weddings have a tendency to get a little hectic. The day rarely goes as planned, and in an instance it's over. This is where I come in, there's been so many times where my couples watch their video and say that I was able to capture moments they didn't even know happened. I'm passionate about my work but even more so about my clients. I'm very versatile, my style gets moulded by the story and passion of my clients.

Your wedding video should be as unique as your story. Please share with us a bit of your story and email us today

Val & the team.

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