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Updated: Dec 11, 2018

Megan Lalaonde

Now professional videographers are turning wedding day highlights into works of art

Everyone is familiar with traditional old wedding videos. You know, the one’s often featured in America’s Funniest Home Videos, with fuzzy footage, accompanied by a date stamp, and lacking any editing. But these days, wedding videos take a much different form. Rather than only pressing play and recording a ceremony, professional videographers can capture your day and turn the best moments into a highlight reel […] With so many creatives flocking to the Sea to Sky in search of inspiration from our breathtaking landscapes - it’s no surprise that the number of filmmakers turning their talents to wedding videography is taking off. On of those is Valerie St-Arnaud of Calling Mountains Productions. « It’s definitely a new trend, but it’s going to become huge. I fell in love with doing wedding videos because I was able to capture real emotion and really be able to put life into the memories, the really struck me. » she said. The idea of creating an emotion-evoking recap of the day is especially attractive to couples who chose to elope. « because they can’t share their day with anybody else, to have those videos and be able to capture that, then they can show everybody who missed it. » […] St-Arnaud emphasizes the importance of using a professional rather than a friend who knows their way around a video camera. « If you don’t, what happens is that they won’t be able to with the photographers. They’re going to be in their way and it’s not going to be a cohesive atmosphere. I make sure with my non-invasive equipment - (including drones) - that I’m not making out the day as a film set. I’m more staying behind, being a bit goofy, kind of calming them and blending in and capturing what they want out of the day. » 

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