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Canadian Wilderness Adventures - Adventure Video

It's not snowing yet! But it doesn't mean we're not excited for winter. Most of us living in the Sea to Sky corridor love being outside and in the mountains. Canadian Wilderness Adventures makes it possible for everyone to get their own adventure in while in Whistler! Having worked on a number of project in the past for Canadian Wilderness Adventures as their action videographer here in Whistler. I know that this company is dedicated into bringing lots of feels and making dreams happen! Through our video production we are able to portray their vision. Their guides and awesome front desk staff love their jobs and you can feel it the minute you even pick up the phone and talk to someone. With amazing footage from ourselves a other talented videographers around town I was able to create a little story that will get everyone pumped for the upcoming season! Keep following them as their season unfolds, I'm sure it's going to be an epic ride! 

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